This is what regular music listening looks like...

This is what music listening looks like with Notebrush...

Our mission is to allow people, across the globe, the ability to illustrate their thoughts to music, licensed or not. 

What do you see when you listen to music? 

Is it colors, memories, creative thoughts or visions to the music that you're listening to?

Notebrush is a space where creatives can make and share UGC (User Generated Content) to licensed and unlicensed music. Basically VEVO, but by the people. We noticed an increase in UGC to music in the past 5 years and wanted to create a space dedicated to it. A place where people can discover music and/or visual art they've never heard or seen before. UGC in music is set to outpace Official Music Videos in both views and ad dollars and we want to utilize those numbers to create a Pay Per Stream model that benefits both the musician and the visual artist. 

Not only are we passionate about people sharing art, we also care about the creation of it. That is why we will provide an editor for beginner editors all the way to professionals so you can edit via cloud on our platform! In addition users will have access to tutorials and educational videos focused on visual creation and editing. 


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